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Studio de small group training proposant des cours variés et de tous niveaux ainsi que du personal training vous permettant de vous surpasser de manière ciblée et personnalisée.

You Are Unique (YAU) a été créé et conçu pour que chaque membre puisse améliorer son lifestyle.


“Coach super pro et toujours de bonne humeur. Entraînements très variés avec suivi adapté à chaque niveau. L’ambiance au top et qui nous pousse à nous dépasser dans la bonne humeur.  :)”


“I’ve been trying to achieve muscle definition for many years with varying degrees of success. Since I started training with Raf, in a very short space of time, I started to see results in my abdominals (a long-term problem area), my arms (I’m starting to get some serious guns 😀) and my overall fitness level. Raf was able to create a training regiment that’s specific to my overall health and fitness requirements (no one size fits all approach). Raf pushes me to be my best. Raf is extremely professional and an awesome trainer and human being. I strongly recommend him”


“S’entraîner avec Raf, c’est toujours un plaisir! Intense et fun à la fois, on a envie d’y retourner dès qu’on a fini une session. Raf est toujours de bonne humeur et nous pousse à aller toujours plus loin, si il y a bien quelqu’un qui peut faire aimer le fitness à tous, c’est lui!”


“After having a few bad experiences with Personal Trainers, I met Rafael at my former gym.   I started doing his classes and then decided to do one on one training with him.  It was a game changer.

I cannot say enough nice things about Rafael. He is personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable !!!   I happily followed him when he decided to branch out and introduced me to his new project – YAU (You Are Unique).  The studio is well equipped and clean and I love that the Training is in a private environment. I have already learned so much about my body and have completed workouts I never thought I could do before. Rafael challenges you but makes it fun and switches it up every SINGLE session.

The whole team at You Are Unique exemplifies EXCELLENCE!  I did my first real boxing session with Bryan and thoroughly enjoyed it.  His quiet reserved demeanor and no nonsense approach to boxing and overall training was a welcome introduction to the discipline.  I have never had a workout go by so fast!

I cannot recommend You Are Unique’s Team enough. They manifest true Commitment.

If you’re reading this and are currently back and forth on signing up for classes – just do it! You wouldn’t regret it.”


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You Are Unique. 27, Rue du Nant, 1207 Genève. Ouvert 7/7 6:00 – 22:00.